Top 6 Toenail care tips in monsoon for men and women

Feet are often the most neglected part of our body. In excessive rainfall, season and risk of toenail infection. Toenail care is extremely essential.

The cooling climate in monsoon is one of the important benefits. Since every season has it’s pros and cons. Rainy season brings water and mud with people moving out from home, affecting your toenail will be one of the important issues. However, this is one season when getting a pedicure should top your priority list.

Toenail care tips:

1. Wear the right footwear. Don’t wear closed footwear avoid wearing closed shoes as they will hold water that can make your feet and toenail sodden and you will increase the amount of moisture on your feet, which can cause the pesky fungal infection. Wear waterproof open footwear, that will not cause shoe bites, itches and enough air can pass. Also, avoid wearing wet shoes.

2. Don’t Walk barefoot. Walking barefoot in your house is relatively safe. But when you head outside, you expose yourself to potential risks that could be dangerous. When you walk barefoot you might pick microorganisms, that will stick or insert inside your nails in monsoon season and toenails are likely to get hurt or injured if you walk on very rough surfaces.

3. Make sure to wash your toenail daily. You should wash your toenails every day you return home. Get that grim and mud off your toenails under the nails and also the edges with gentle warm water and a bar of mild soap daily. Wipe your feet and toenails gently with a towel afterward, dry the area between your toes and apply an anti-fungal powder daily. Also, avoid long nails as they attract dirt and bacteria

4. Oil Massage. During the rainy season, you have to face water from everywhere your skin near toenails become really very dull and squeezed in appearance. It is just because the natural oils from the area are missing. The best thing you can do in such situations will be oil massage, with coconut oil of a single teaspoon apply near toenails and between-toe fingers. Slowly massage with your fingers and keep for some time. This will bring natural moisture.

5. Trim toenails properly. Trim your toenail every few weeks, keep trimming toenail to make them healthy and strong. Trimming them in the wrong way can be quite painful. Trim them straight across rather than trimming the edges in the curve. Also, you should avoid trimming them too short, since this could result in ingrown toenails or infection. Use the proper tool to cut your nails, such as nail clippers or manicure scissors.

6. Pedicure. When monsoon season arrives, maximum damages are caused to toenails especially if you have to travel to the office and other places within this rainy climate. You should give pedicure at home every two weeks, but regular pedicure really makes a difference in keeping your feet soft and free from dry and rough skin and toenail neat and clean. Before starting pedicure wipe all off traces of nail polish with an acetone-free nail polish remover, clip and file your nails before you soak your feet in the water. Nails tend to become soft and prone to breakage after soaking. Trimming your nails while they’re still soft from soaking makes the task much easier.

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