Tips to be famous on tik tok

Why I’m eligible for writing this blog. So, let me tell you all that I am a tiktok user. Being a tiktok user, I have analyzed how it works and had personally uploaded only 8 videos on tiktok. In response, my two videos are viral and I gained 70K+ fans.

Nowadays Tiktok is trending and popular application amongst teenagers and adults. Everyone’s wish list is to be a famous or popular user on tiktok. Tips are given below that will help you to be famous.

1. Think before making a video. You should know what you are good at. for example, acting, sharing knowledge in a particular field, quotes or poems, story creation, singing, dancing, etc. Basically, create what you love and comfortable doing it. Find your niche, try being different from everyone.

2. Quality content. The audience of tiktok will have their expectations once you find a niche for your profile. It is all about how you are delivering what they need in a way that can be enjoyed while watching. A content that delivers value, solves a problem, entertainment, and many more.

3. Consistency. You have to be consistent with your content. People want to see consistency. To gain popularity, you have to upload videos on tiktok. Try to upload at least one video per day. Your fans may lose interest from your tiktok account and move on to another one if you are irregular.

4. Short video. Try your video should not be more than 30 secs. The people might get bored if your video is too long. Make your video as short as possible While still keeping the heart of the story.

5. Effects and filters. Try playing with new effects on tiktok and apply filters which will make your video look more entertaining. An experimenting new thing can make your account entertaining, which might be loveable by an audience of tiktok.

6. Caption. Write captions on every video. Try writing something more interesting related to your content that will create curiosity between the audience to watch your video till the end.

7. Trending. Don’t go with the trend rather than add some twist on trending video, the tiktok audience loves the twist on trending videos. Show your creativity, create quality content on trending sounds.

8. Avoid fake fans and likes. There are a bunch of services, websites, applications out there offering to sell fans, crowns or views. They all cost money and can generate popularity. But Tiktok is not dumb and fighting back on those fake followers. Tiktok may end up disappearing or holding you back.

9. Quality. We have talked about quality content, now we will focus on the quality of video that you will upload. High-quality videos are more appealing. Record your video in a good amount of lighting or you can shoot outdoor but avoid roads don’t risk your life.

10. Communicate. Talk with your fans by going live or replying to their comments. Go live at least once a week, always be polite to everyone and ignore or reply negative comments in a fun way.

Fame comes hard for most of us. It requires practice, dedication, effort and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Some people make it look easy but ask them how much work they put into making it look that easy and they will likely answer with, a lot!. Above mentioned tricks will help you to achieve success on Tiktok.

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