How to pose on the couch

Someone once said, “A woman without curves is like jeans without pockets”, and I couldn’t agree on this more. I personally believe everyone regardless of your shape or size, can have their portrait taken in such a way that they will fall in love with it.

Every photographer dream to work with the curvy subject but you need to focus on slimming in the camera, and this starts with the posing correctly. All women want to look and feel beautiful both from inside and outside and here is how to make this happen.

Models and celebrities make posing for photos look easy, whether it’s on the couch. This blog will share some tips on how to pose on the couch.

1. Choose the proper outfit. This all depends on what are you doing the photoshoot for. If you are working for a modeling agency, you will obviously have to wear those companies cloth. If you are just doing a normal shoot for yourself, pick an outfit that represents the ideas you want to express. Also, pick out a matching shoe.

2. Bring your favorite music. Think about it Doesn’t music cause you to feel emotions? Typically more energetic, right? (Well music types like classical and ambient may relax you into sleep, but you get the point…) bring music you like, when you get to the shoot. When you listen to music you like, you will generally relax and get into a rhythm with your photographer during the shoot. If you don’t know what you want to listen to, put on DJ or club music that has a beat to it.

3. Pose the Hair. We people don’t generally think of hair as a part of the body we can control, but you really can! If you are shooting with long hair, then bad hair is going to be the first thing anyone would notice about your photo. There are no rules as to what looks “best” across the board. Everyone will look different from their hair in a different way. If you are posing on the couch the first thing to remember is that hair sitting on the shoulders looks terrible. The hair on the shoulder should be avoided at all cost else it can look messy and spoil your look.

4. Lift the Arm. When people lay on the couch naturally, another thing they do is lay with their arms flat at their sides. This causes several problems. First, it makes them look awkward and uncomfortable in the photo. Secondly, their arm presses against their torso. This squishes the arm out and makes it look larger than it actually is. You can correct that by having them just lift their arm an inch or two so it is “floating” and not pressed against them. Alternatively, you can pose their hand so the arm is in a different position, such as putting their hand on the hip.

5. Keep good posture. Unless your photographers tell you to be inspired by those awkward, uncomfortable looking mannequins in the Forever 21 windows, hold yourself confidently and high. You’ll look much taller and thinner if you keep your back straight and your shoulders back. Whatever size you are, hold your stomach in as well if you want to look more toned. Photography that is more avant-garde (experimental and/or unusual) may shy away from this. If you’re modeling for a photo shoot that is about shunning preconceived concepts then, by all means, try it. Your photographer will probably want you in not-so-true-to-life poses.

6. Think about what you’re doing. It’s important to be aware of exactly how you’re positioning your entire body. Nonverbal communication is all you have to rely on in photos. Whatever you do, you’ll be sending a message.

  • As a model, you’ll need to look natural. This is where you may need to practice. A key point is to keep your arms and legs relaxed. You don’t keep them straight all the time in normal life, so don’t do it in front of the camera.
  • Keep in mind the effects of light on your body. The more angles you create in your body position, the more shadows which will appear.

7. It’s all about you… Relax and have Confidence. The very best way to relax is to work with a professional photographer and know what you are doing and that is shown through confidence. You need to know your gear and you need to know what you’re doing. Your nerves will subside once you trust the photographer is taking care of things. It’s important to not do anything you normally don’t do, such as, if you’re not a joker – don’t tell jokes to the photographer. Maybe start a conversation instead. When you try to do things you normally are not comfortable doing, the nervousness shows and transmits a lack of confidence. Make sure you stick to your true self as that is what will relax you.

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